About - Our Story

IndentedList was born out of a personal need for simplicity and organization in managing various tasks and lists. Its creator, frustrated with scattered lists on paper, Excel sheets, and complicated online platforms, sought a solution that would offer ease and accessibility. IndentedList strives to simplify the process of list-making and task management, providing users with a convenient and effective tool for staying organized and productive.

Time to get organized.
A good plan to get organized is to create a list. Put the tasks in order and then start doing them. This sounds so easy but everyone makes lists and still it is hard to get things done. We loose the list or the order of the list is not correct. We solve these problems with Indented List by:
  • The list you create is online
    • You can open it anywhere you can get on the internet
    • You can't loose it, like a notebook or the back of an old envelope
  • It is Easy to reorder items on the list
    • Click and hold the mouse button while dragging to change the order
    • The order of the list is automatically saved
  • If you get stuck on an item on your list, break it done into sub-items
    • On a top level item click on the button to the right of the name to add a sub-item
    • It has been shown that breaking down a task into smaller units helps us get the bigger task done
  • You can create many different kinds of lists:
    • To-Do List
      • Ok this is obvious but without a list it is really easy to get off track
      • It also really helps to prioritize tasks
      • Visually seeing what tasks you have completed is motivating
    • Shopping List
    • Recipes
    • Budget
    • Test Cases
    • Motivational Lists
      • Goals
      • Bucket List
      • Gratitude
      • Strengths
    • Doctors